In several major US cities, spontaneous celebrations break out over the victory of Joe Biden.

In several major US cities, spontaneous celebrations break out over the victory of Joe Biden.

Source:, sba / dpa “A black pastor and a 33-year-old – in the Senate election in Georgia in January it will be decided what the designated US President Biden can do at all. It’s about racism, health insurance and above all Fair wages. By Roland Peters, Atlanta (Georgia) Michael Flynn is a central figure in the Donald Trump affair with Russia. As the President’s national security advisor, he maintained contacts in Moscow, later lied to the FBI and therefore has to answer to the court.

Trump now wants to put an end to the legal aftermath. Republicans have told the truth about Donald Trump twice: Ted Cruz four years ago, Presidential Advisor Chris Christie now. A comment by Hubertus Volmer There are not many – but the critical voices among the Republicans of US President Trump are increasing. Because the incumbent still sees no reason to admit defeat.

The Republican Governor of Maryland commented on this with particularly clear words: It is over: the winner of the US presidential election has been determined. In several major US cities, spontaneous celebrations break out over the victory of Joe Biden. But the supporters of the incumbent Donald Trump are also on the street. Notwithstanding the interference from the Trump camp, the designated US President Biden is putting his administration together.

He wants to introduce the first cabinet members on Tuesday. For the post of foreign minister he is apparently planning an experienced diplomat. Rudy Giuliani boasts of being able to smell crime. Donald Trump has hired his lawyer to turn the US presidential election result in his favor. It is a dangerous undertaking, even if Giuliani has so far mainly caused people to shake their heads.

The strategy of Trump’s team of lawyers in the fight for the lost US election has recently taken on more and more adventurous traits: Lawyer Sidney Powell is particularly prominent. She speaks of a conspiracy by communist states like Cuba and Venezuela. But it may be going too far.

What does the cabinet of elected US President Biden look like? How does he balance the party left and the Democratic establishment? Answers to these questions will be given in the coming week, as his chief of staff Klain promises. Political researcher Hans Kundnani predicts that Joe Biden will have to contend with a violent resistance movement in the USA. In an interview with, he describes the deep division in US society as the cause of the conflict.

Florida voted for US President Trump. Republican campaigners began there early to woo Latinos – very successfully, especially among exiled Venezuelans. You are in favor of US military intervention.

By Roland Peters, New York At the heart of Donald Trump’s efforts to turn the election results around is the embattled state of Georgia. There the top election overseer is exposed to personal attacks. And reports on a dubious call from Washington. By Sebastian Huld In the presidential election Donald Trump just lost in the state of Wisconsin.

But not so close that a recount would make sense. If the elected president wants to check the vote anyway, he must bear the costs himself. The result has been known for over a week.

But the administration of the elected President Trump has so far made no move to give the elected successor Biden insight into the official business. Now security advisor O’Brien is at least one step towards the Democrats. US President Trump wants to get drilling licenses for oil and natural gas in a nature reserve in Alaska on the last meters of his tenure.

The bidding process could take place before the elected president takes office. Biden is an opponent of the project. It was the great horror scenario of the Trump campaign: Once the Democrat Biden is in power, he will order a tough lockdown on the USA in the fight against the corona pandemic. But the Biden team of experts wants to avoid this with more targeted measures. Donald Trump claims his opponents manipulated the presidential election.

However, the lawsuits brought by him have so far not been successful. Another defeat is also looming in Pennsylvania. The allegations remain, but the choice of words changes: Donald Trump calls Joe Biden “” election winner “” for the first time. The elected US president cannot imagine that the Democrat won fair.

Then he realizes what he just said. Joe Biden wins the US presidential election. But his incumbent predecessor Donald Trump is not moving away from wanting to take legal action against the election result, despite various setbacks. Now his lawyer and confidante Rudy Giuliani is supposed to lead this fight.

Donald Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat in the US election. His supporters also fight back loudly at a protest in Washington. The US president briefly stops by at the protests, but then prefers to have fun on the golf course.

His supporters may believe the fraud allegations, but they will not go to court: In several contested states, the lawyers of the elected US President Trump fail in their attempts to challenge the election results. Several of them are now packing their bags. In the week after Trump’s electoral defeat in the United States, a diligent balance is drawn.

Usually it turns out to be devastating. For very understandable reasons. But there are also a few blades of grass in the desert of Trumpism. By Volker Petersen After the US election, the Trump administration files lawsuits in several states – for alleged election manipulation.

Even Attorney General Barr authorizes the responsible prosecutors to investigate in any direction in their states. 16 representatives do not want to comply. For years it has been speculated that Donald Trump is setting up a station to get his message across.

Meanwhile, the rumors are more in the direction of the Internet medium, because it is cheaper. One thing is certain: Trump will not disappear. By Hubertus Volmer President Trump’s lawyers are launching trials in several states. But when the going gets tough, they no longer want to hear about their client’s allegations of fraud. At least two of them admit that there is no evidence.

A law firm even gives back the mandate. Anthony Gardner was the US Ambassador to Brussels for the Obama administration. Joe Biden’s companion speaks in an interview about his concerns about America’s democracy, why Biden is the best cast – and why cooperation between the US and the EU is essential in the dispute with China. Trump’s lawyers tried to torpedo the election results in Swing State Pennsylvania with several lawsuits.

One of the legal attacks has now been successful: certain postal votes may not be counted. However, this should not change the outcome of the election as a whole. Beijing has hesitated for a long time, now the State Department is sending its congratulations to the elected US President Biden and his deputy Harris.

Relations between the United States and China are bad under Trump. But even Biden does not want to let China get away with everything. It was more than a week ago the US presidential election – and after the first media had already approved the state of Arizona on election night Joe Biden, NBC and CNN are now following suit.

For Trump it is a heavy defeat. Because Ariziona was a stronghold of the Republicans for many years. Joe Biden won the election not least thanks to the suburbs. This is also due to activists like Lori Goldman. You and your fellow campaigners want more than one end of the Trump presidency: “” We are far from finished. “” By Roland Peters, Detroit The incumbent US President Trump is still doing everything possible to prevent the transfer of power to Biden.

This also includes denying him support in communicating with other governments. The result: a pile of undelivered congratulations is stored in the Foreign Ministry. Joe Biden wins the White House, but the Democrats are still hoping for a majority in the Senate. Final decisions are made in Georgia and Alaska, where a fishing “” bear doctor “” wants to take advantage of his underdog chance. By Kevin Schulte The newly elected US President Biden is preparing to take office.

Much has been speculated about who the Democrat might put in important ministerial posts. Biden knows the potential candidates from his time as Vice President Barack Obama – and in many cases they are women. According to a poll, the vast majority of Americans support their new elected president.

For 13 percent, however, the outcome of the election is still open. Some even believe that Trump will keep power. Republicans in particular suspect election rigging.

Elected US presidents usually withdraw from politics. Hardly anyone expects Trump to do the same. He is reportedly already busy cementing his power with the Republicans. The wives of US presidents, the first ladies, are always the center of attention.

This has not been the case with the partners of the Vice Presidents. That could change with Doug Emhoff in this role. A few days after the US election, Biontech and Pfizer publish encouraging results from their research into a corona vaccine. US President Trump suspects a deliberate delay in order not to allow him to win before the election. Otherwise the victim continues to shoot from all cylinders.

Everyone is talking about future US President Biden, but incumbent Trump is stonewalling. He complains and at the same time makes plans for his return. It didn’t have to get that far.

By Roland Peters, Detroit Even in the face of defeat, the US President remains true to himself: he is pathetic. In doing so, he makes it difficult or even impossible for Democrats to take him seriously and respect him. Unfortunately, that heats up the polarization further. A comment by Thomas Schmoll As Vice President, Kamala Harris will soon be the second most powerful person in the United States – and one of the most powerful women in the world.

Still, her love for sneakers is in focus almost as often as her political agenda. However, she encounters the double standard for women in leadership differently than her predecessors. With humor. By Judith Görs Donald Trump vehemently defends himself against his defeat.

Behind this is not just vanity, but above all a strategy. The president is thus cementing his power. Jan Gänger Joe Biden celebrates, Donald Trump rages, and the network laughs. In memes and skits, users settle accounts with the incumbent president and show what they think of his reaction to the election defeat.

A few Republicans, who have always been against Trump, accepted the election result in the US. But the silence of her second most powerful husband after the incumbent President – Senate majority leader McConnell is becoming more and more booming. What does he want? By Volker Petersen Not every single one of his actions was a mistake.

But to be even a tolerable politician, US President Trump simply lacks everything that would be necessary. Hubertus Volmer Donald Trump doesn’t see it that way, but the German Chancellor does: The future US President’s name is Joe Biden. Angela Merkel expresses her sympathy for the voting decision of the Americans. She remembers “” good conversations “” with the newcomer – and indicates that she is accommodating. By Sebastian Huld With the announcement of the election victory by the US media, the time actually begins for Joe Biden and his team in which they will take office on March 20.

January set administrative processes in motion. But obstacles are being put in the way of the elected new president. After months of campaigning and days of counting, Joe Biden is “President-elect”. But a lot has to happen before he can move into the White House.

By Daniel Heyd George W. Bush has shown how it works: In 2008, the outgoing President carefully prepared his successor, Barack Obama, for work in the White House. Few believe that Donald Trump also supports his successor. Rather, he will torpedo the transition. By Christian Herrmann Unconcentrated, erratic, little rooted in topics: Chancellor Merkel did not find it easy to deal with her American counterpart Trump. You could literally read that in their facial expressions.

It should be different with the new thing in the White House. Why didn’t Joe Biden and the Democrats win more clearly? Some of the answers to this question may not please the future president. By Roland Peters, Detroit Donald Trump wants to challenge his loss to Joe Biden in the presidential election in court. But his lawyers seem overwhelmed with the task.

According to one report, he is already looking for “better ones”. Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States.

And with him his wife moves into the White House: Jill Biden – an interesting, committed, loving woman who had time to learn a lot from her predecessors in order not to make their mistakes. By Sabine Oelmann Democrat Joe Biden is the winner of the US presidential election after an unprecedented crime thriller. But that was the easy part, says the national and international press closed. Now he has to clean up the “” rubble field “” that his predecessor left him. In public, Donald Trump has so far steadfastly refused to admit his defeat in the US election against Joe Biden.

According to a report, his son-in-law seems to be a step further. But there is still radio silence between the old and the new president. As a big press conference for his lawyers, Donald Trump announces an appointment in Philadelphia via Twitter – but the reality is different.

Apparently by mistake, the president’s legal team is not in a fancy hotel, but in front of a horticulturist. The glee is huge. US sport is involved in the election campaign like never before. Most stars position themselves clearly – against President Trump. The joy is now that the Democrats Biden and Harris are elected.

This is reflected on Twitter and Co. The relationship between Donald Trump and the media can generally be described as tense. During his tenure, however, the elected president could rely on conservative newspapers and broadcasters such as the “New York Post” “and Fox News.

This is no longer the case. They are words from the past, but they are meant to usher in the future. In his victory speech, US President-elect Biden does what he has always done.