Instead, the treating doctor will send a data record to the health insurance companies in the future.

Instead, the treating doctor will send a data record to the health insurance companies in the future.

In a letter, Ikea announced: “” Current tests have shown that the prescribed limit values ​​for released chemicals may be exceeded. “” This is dibutyl phthalate (DBP) – a substance that, according to Ikea’s specifications, does not come into contact with products The mug has been sold since October 2019 and has now been removed from the range. Customers who have bought it should bring it back and get their money back even without a receipt. Source: “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles from on the topic of Ikea The expansion of the online business at furniture retailer Ikea is met with great interest. Internet sales are growing particularly strongly in Germany – they have increased by more than 30 percent and total revenue has increased by almost ten percent. Who is behind the brutal robbery in front of a Frankfurt furniture store last weekend? The case has disturbing parallels to previous robberies. Is the Hessian police dealing with one of the last RAF terror trio?

Crime scene Frankfurt am Main: In the north of the Main metropolis, a previously unknown perpetrator lies in wait for a money messenger. In the middle of business operations, shots are fired in front of a furniture store. The attacker flees, the police are looking for the armed robber under high pressure. A messenger is leaving an Ikea branch in Frankfurt when an unknown person attacks him. There is an exchange of fire.

The perpetrator flees with the prey. Both the Hessian Ministry of the Environment and the Kassel Regional Council have apparently been aware of the bacterial case in a factory of the sausage manufacturer Wilke since mid-September. That emerges from a letter from the ministry.

In the course of the food scandal, more and more dealers are known who were supplied by the sausage manufacturer Wilke. For example, Ikea in Germany had the company’s cold cuts on offer. According to the furniture dealer, the products were “” immediately “” withdrawn from sale. In closets, under beds, behind curtains – the hiding places in an Ikea branch are almost unlimited.

In Glasgow, Scotland, 3,000 people meet to play hide-and-seek in the furniture store. But the police stop the fun before it starts. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from on the subject of consumers Who is celebrating Christmas with whom? Always a difficult question, Corona is exacerbating it this year. Why clear confessions are better than silly excuses, explains a family therapist .

Life insurers often sell their holdings. The policies are then transferred to other companies. What does this mean for the insured? Should they terminate the contract? The additional contribution will increase in the new year.

If your old health insurance becomes too expensive for you, you can change anyway. In the coming year, however, the insured will also be able to switch to a cheaper health insurance every year, similar to car insurance. We now know the trick: the price remains the same, the content is reduced. So consumers have to spend more money on a product. It’s good that there is the Hamburg Consumer Center that makes such cheating public.

So now again. Frozen foods are considered healthy. Sometimes there are even more nutrients in them than in fresh produce. But sometimes problematic substances are also frozen. With raspberries, for example. Öko-Test reveals where it can be accessed.

Hardly any construction site can do without a fight. The classic way to settle it is to go to court. But processes often take many years and are nerve-wracking.

But there are alternatives. Savings book, overnight money, fixed-term deposits or bonds – are safe. At least against price losses.apa argumentative essay But are the products all equally suitable for investment?

Traffic sins on the e-scooter are peculiar offenses? That is a mistake. For example, the same alcohol limit applies as for a car.

Otherwise the driver’s license is also at risk. Many tour operators are currently making an extraordinary offer: vacations can be canceled free of charge shortly before the start. Just a special corona rule or the new normal? More light and more space in the house: who doesn’t dream of it? That works, even without moving.

An additional gable can significantly enhance a house – if the expansion is approved. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from on the topic of Ikea The textile retail chain now also wants to conquer Russia. The first CA is planned for the spring of 2006 Store will be opened in Moscow’s Mega Khimki Mall, where Ikea already lives.

In the medium term, CA is planning seven branches in the greater Moscow area. The Swedish cheap furniture store is defying the sluggish consumption in Germany and, against the trend, achieved a new record turnover in the past financial year. The Swedish furniture store Ikea is recalling the “” Färgglad “” children’s chair because of the risk of suffocation. The plastic feet could fall off and children could put the red caps in their mouths and swallow them. Sweden’s furnishing giant Ikea wants to massively reduce prices in Germany in order to absorb the consequences of the slump in consumption.

The company wants to increase its furniture sales by 25 percent in the new business year, which begins on September 1st, reported the news magazine “” Der Spiegel “”. For a long time the only known cook in Sweden was a spastic hand puppet from the “” Muppet Show “”, which hit meatballs with a tennis racket. That has changed.

The richest man in the world is from Sweden! Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad has replaced Bill Gates – with “” Billy “” shelves. Ikea is the most popular company in Germany for young women – ahead of BMW and Lufthansa.

Men, on the other hand, are into the auto industry. The Dutch retail group Ahold, which was hit by an accounting scandal in continuation, has appointed a new chief financial officer and is again relying on a former Ikea manager. The shares of the Dutch retail giant Ahold rose by 27 percent on Friday after the group announced the appointment of a new CEO. As of next Monday, Anders Moberg, who previously worked in the top management of the US home improvement chain Home Depot and headed the Ikea furniture store from 1986 to 1999, will take over the helm of Ahold.

Almost two months after the attacks on Ikea branches in the Netherlands, the police in Portugal arrested two suspects. “It’s as good as decided: The sick note in paper form with a” yellow note “should soon be a thing of the past, because the future is Surprisingly digital. What sick employees have to do in the future, you can read here. The cabinet has passed a bill by CDU Economics Minister Peter Altmaier for less bureaucracy. This should also include the certificate of incapacity for work in paper form. In other words, the “” yellow note “”, which the attending physician has previously issued to the sick employee for submission to the health insurance company and the employer, is no longer applicable for all legally insured persons.

In Germany, 77 million sick notes were issued last year – analogously. According to the anti-bureaucracy law (BEG III) planned for January 1, 2021, malade employees no longer have to put the various parts of the sick note in an envelope themselves, post enough postage and drag themselves to the nearest mailbox. Not just for health insurers and employers. But what should the employee do instead? No paperwork for patients at all.

Instead, the treating doctor will send a data record to the health insurance companies in the future. And that forwards the digital certificate of incapacity to work to the employer. Good to know: The employer is not given a diagnosis even with the digital sick leave, the transmitted data is identical to that which can also be seen on the yellow note and is transmitted in encrypted form The deadlines by which the employee must notify the employer of the incapacity for work will not change. This still has to be done “” immediately. The obligation resulting from the previous regulation for the employee that the certificate of incapacity for work must be with the employer after the third day of incapacity for work should therefore no longer apply to the employee or should no longer be his responsibility.

However, he does not find out whether the sickness notification has been successfully received by the employer. Apart from that, the employer may currently deviate from the statutory regulation and request a certificate from employees from the first day or set a different deadline in the employment contract. Here the employee has to find out what applies to him. Source:, awi “After the third day of inability to work, i.e. on day four, the certificate must be with the employer – according to the law. The employment contract can regulate this differently. ( Photo: dpa) Anyone who is sick should stay at home, but sometimes the malaise is over faster than the doctor thought.

Can the employee come back to work despite the certificate of incapacity for work or is a “” health certificate “required for this? Sometimes a discomfort goes as quickly as it came. In other cases, a visit to the doctor is due.

Not only to clarify the stressful symptoms, but also because it is simply impossible to think about working. In other words, the employee is malad and needs a sick leave for his job. Or more precisely: a certificate of incapacity for work, which by law must be available to the boss after the third day of incapacity for work – i.e. on the fourth day. The weekend is included in this period.

In addition, the employer may deviate from the statutory regulation and, for example, request a certificate from his employee from day one. What the employee is suffering from, however, does not have to be stated on the medical certificate. If the sick leave arrives late, the employer can refuse to continue paying the wages during this period. Regardless of this, the person must be informed informally on the first day of absence due to illness. Otherwise there is a threat of a warning. If the employee is fit again after a day or two and if there is no certificate of incapacity for work, he will usually go back to his paid job.

He is, so to speak, his own doctor and certifies that he is able to work. But what happens if the patient has been put on sick leave by the doctor for ten days, but the spook is over after six days? Does the employee then have the doctor treating him “” write “healthy” “” or can he simply decide for himself when he is ready to go again and can come back to work? Of course, in his own interest, the employee is well advised on his and her body To hear a doctor and never go about his job sick. To cut a long story short, you do not need to be “enrolled” to go back to work before the end of your sick leave. And they don’t even exist.

Because a certificate of incapacity for work is not a work ban. It is just a prognosis by the doctor about how long the employee is unlikely to be able to work. And doctors can also be wrong. However, if the employer has objectively doubts about the ability of his employee to work, he can and must – especially if he is employed in a safety-relevant area – order a company medical examination before the employee can come back to work If his employee has doubts about a real illness – especially if the employee calls in sick particularly often – he can ask the alleged blue-collar worker to present himself to the medical service of the health insurance companies in order to be examined there. If the sick leave turns out to be incorrect, the employer can demand compensation from the doctor who previously filled out the yellow form. Source: “Even if a doctor’s visit is common during working hours – it is actually only allowed in Exceptions.

If you want to avoid trouble, you should know them. And above all, inform your boss in advance. A basic distinction is made between an authorized and an unauthorized visit to the doctor. (Photo: imago / McPHOTO) Doctor visits are one of the private concerns of an employee. And all private activities must be avoided during working hours – the break is to be excluded here. Therefore, visiting the doctor during working hours is actually only permitted in exceptional cases.

 For example in the case of an acute illness. If this is not the case, the employee must try in a reasonable way to visit the doctor in his spare time. This also includes trying to make an appointment with several doctors, but this is not always possible, especially with specialist appointments.

Even then, the employee can see a doctor within working hours. The same applies to examinations that only take place at a certain time – for example, the morning blood test. The employee then has a so-called indemnity claim against his employer. It does not matter whether the doctor’s appointment is due to illness or as a check-up appointment. Basically, a distinction is made between an authorized and an unauthorized visit to the doctor.

In the case of the former, absenteeism is excused. The missed working time does not have to be reworked. However, the employee has an obligation to inform his employer.

This means that the employee must inform his boss in advance about the reason and the duration of his absence. If this is required, the employee must provide evidence of the doctor’s visit. However, anyone who goes to the doctor without authorization is committing a breach of duty and violating the employment contract. The employee can already receive a warning in the event of a single incident. In the worst case, there is a risk of conduct-related dismissal. According to these regulations, employees are also allowed to accompany their children or relatives in need of care to the doctor.

  In order to avoid any problems with the employer, the employee should communicate in advance exactly why the doctor’s appointment can only take place during working hours. Here you can find cheap legal protection insurance Source:, awi “A lot of rest also helps to to deal with the pathogens. (Photo: imago / Westend61) If the nose is runny, the throat scratches or an annoying cough torments the patient, it is usually a harmless cold that can be treated by yourself.