Interested parties can apply up to the 20th

Interested parties can apply up to the 20th

Your renovation is underway. The new bridge is to be built 1.4 kilometers north of the existing Rhine crossing.

In all probability there will be no judgment on Wednesday, said the spokesman for the OVG. It is possible that the negotiation will continue on Thursday. Several other lawsuits against the new bridge are pending, including those of the BUND, at the Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim.

Music, dance, theater, readings and concerts are to be part of the project "Death and new life" which starts in a few days in the Bischof-Benno-Haus in Schmochtitz in East Saxony. Young people from Saxony and Brandenburg deal with the beginning and end of life from different artistic perspectives. "We want to support the creative self-realization of young people in connection with artists – especially in rural areas"said project coordinator Cornelius Schan. The start is on October 11th with a workshop in the Bischof-Benno-Haus.

The Catholic Bildungshaus initiated the project with the Institute for Cultural Infrastructure in the dioceses of Dresden-Meißen and Görlitz. It is about two essential elements of the church year: the dead month of November and Advent in December. Events are planned in several places and cities initially until mid-December.

An aerial bomb from the Second World War discovered in a field near Frankenthal was successfully defused on Wednesday by the ordnance disposal service in Rhineland-Palatinate. This was announced by the fire brigade and the police in the Palatinate city. The safety radius of 1000 meters has been lifted. "The traffic on the fully closed section of the B9 will also be released again very soon after the closures have been removed", reported the fire department. The American 500-kilogram bomb was discovered on September 21. Residential houses were not in the restricted area that the authorities had built around the explosive device.

The Federal Institute for Hydrology in Koblenz was evacuated on Wednesday morning because of a bomb threat. The area around the building will also be cordoned off, said a police spokesman. However, there is likely to be no impact on traffic. The authority is located in downtown Koblenz near the B49 and a bridge over the Rhine. Further details were not known at first.

A 36-year-old driver died on Sunday night in a traffic accident in Königswartha (Bautzen district). As the Görlitz police department announced, he was alone on the road with his car between the districts of Niesendorf and Entenschenke when he turned left off the road and hit a tree. The impact was so severe that the driver succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident, it said.

Who can keep the dog they bought together after a separation? The district court in Koblenz was confronted with this The bone of contention was a French bulldog named Frieda (name changed), a court spokesman said on Wednesday.

The couple got the dog together. "When the love for one another died in 2016, the love for Frieda continued"the court reported. Therefore, both would take turns looking after the animal. When the woman refused to leave Frieda to her ex-partner at the end of 2017, the man first sued the local court. The case later ended up in the regional court.

The man stated that he was the legal owner of Frieda and submitted a corresponding donation agreement. "The defendant countered with a sales contract in her name." According to the spokesman, it later emerged that the woman had subsequently written her name in the sales contract. In addition, the contract between the couple at that time and Frieda’s breeder was canceled because the animal was sick. Instead, the breeder gave the bulldog to the man as a gift.

The district court therefore decided that the woman must leave the bulldog to her ex-partner. Her objection does not apply here, Frieda feels more comfortable with her. Because with a dog there is no custody decision comparable to family law. The decision of the regional court was issued on October 7th.

A lottery player from the Bautzen district has won 5.4 million euros in the lottery. In the Wednesday draw, he correctly guessed all the numbers and the super number in the game 6 out of 49, as the Saxon Lotto GmbH announced on Friday in Leipzig. The lucky guy may not have even noticed his win, because as a loyalty card player he had already submitted his multi-week ticket on October 5th, according to the company. The player will now be informed by Lotto GmbH and the winnings will be transferred to their account.

Two men gained access to the apartment of a 32-year-old in Bautzen, attacked him and seriously injured him. The perpetrators then took the victim’s purse with them, a police spokesman said on Friday. One of the perpetrators had damaged a toilet at the meat market after the crime on Thursday. When he was arrested, a breath alcohol test showed 1.88 per mille. The 33-year-old remains in custody. The second perpetrator is still at large, but it is probably a 27-year-old from Bautzen. There is an arrest warrant against him. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment.

Trial of flightless ratites: A dispute over a refused permit to operate an ostrich farm ends up in court for the second time. In the first instance, the plaintiff failed before the Neustadt an der Weinstrasse administrative court. This Wednesday (October 23) the man is suing the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Rhineland-Palatinate in the second instance for permission under animal welfare law to operate an ostrich farm in the Kusel district.

According to the OVG, the defendant district argues that animal welfare is not guaranteed. The plots proposed by the plaintiff are too steep for the large birds and the ground is too damp. It was missing "dry dust bathing areas at all times". The district of Kusel relies on an expert opinion by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and on recommendations from the Council of Europe for keeping ostriches.

According to the OVG, on the other hand, the plaintiff is of the opinion that the prerequisites for species-appropriate ostrich keeping are met. His lawyer could not be reached in the past few days. According to an OVG spokesman, a decision in the proceedings is not expected at the hearing, but only a few weeks later.

According to "Artrechte e.V. – Professional Association of German Ostrich Breeding" There are probably 300 to 400 ratites nationwide with long necks, strong rumps, high legs and black and white to gray-brown plumage. The number of professional larger ostrich farms is only 10 to 15 – including three in Rhineland-Palatinate. Meat, feathers, eggs, tendons – all of this can be marketed by ratites, which originally came from Central Asia. Local winter frost and rain do not bother them, according to the association.

A fire broke out in a prison cell of the correctional facility in Bautzen on Sunday morning. The police said no one was injured. Initially, law enforcement officers fought the fire before firefighters put it out. So far it is unclear how the fire came about. There is a suspicion of arson, the police said. The criminal police have therefore taken over the investigation.

Because a temporary soldier in the Bundeswehr refused to shake hands with women, she was allowed to fire him. That was decided by the Koblenz Higher Administrative Court, according to a statement on Thursday. (File number: 10 A 11109/19). The Bundeswehr assessed completely differently what religious practice was for the ex-soldier who was suing against his dismissal: his behavior indicated a religiously motivated radicalization process.

With its decision, the Higher Administrative Court in Koblenz stood behind the Bundeswehr. "The plaintiff’s reference to possible other reasons for his behavior towards women should be seen as a mere protective claim in view of his consistent turn to Islam", it said in the message. His attitude contradicts the constitutionally mandated equality of men and women.

The dismissal is also not based on the "Prejudging persons of the Muslim faith"as presented by the plaintiff according to the court. Although there is no rule stipulating a handshake as a greeting, his behavior shows that the discharged soldier does not respect female comrades sufficiently. And that in turn endangers military cohesion and the operational capability of the Bundeswehr. The court rejected an application for admission of an appeal against the judgment.

The Free State received 38.2 million euros in taxes from inheritances and gifts last year. That was 200,000 euros more than in 2017, as the State Statistical Office in Kamenz announced on Wednesday. Accordingly, in almost 1900 tax-relevant estate cases, a total of 346 million euros were left behind, almost half of which were bank balances and a good fifth of real estate – such as land or residential property.

More than 2900 heirs taxed a total of 159 million euros after deducting liabilities and taking into account the statutory allowances. In almost three quarters of the inheritance cases, the tax acquisition was less than 50,000 euros, just under a third of the inheritances were above. Taxes of 3.42 million euros were set from around 500 taxed donations.

According to the authorities, taxes from inheritances and gifts only benefit the state budget. Most of them, however, are tax-free due to the high allowances.

They murdered two residents of a retirement home in Lambrecht (Palatinate) and were sentenced to life imprisonment for this: The sentences imposed on two men and one woman in June 2018 are now legally binding, according to the judiciary. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) had overwhelmingly rejected the defendants’ appeals against an earlier judgment in the so-called nursing home trial, the Frankenthal Regional Court announced on Wednesday.

The case had caused a stir nationwide. According to the court, the defendants were responsible for choking an 85-year-old with a pillow and killing a 62-year-old with insulin. They are also said to have mistreated and stolen from residents. The accused, a nurse and two nursing assistants, said they wanted to free the elderly from suffering. The court found, however, that the three wanted to satisfy their sense of power.

With a decision of September 5, 2019, the BGH partially amended the judgments, the Frankenthal Regional Court announced. This concerns two of the numerous individual acts. The conviction as such is not affected. "The proceedings are therefore ended by the decision of the BGH", it was said.

A man got off the road with his car on a country road near Eilenburg (North Saxony district) and died. According to initial findings, the 67-year-old came off the street on Thursday evening because of health problems, a police spokesman said. His car came to a stop in a ditch.

Frugal, robust and adapted: the Sachsenhuhn is in danger of becoming extinct. The Free State is now looking for chicken farmers and breeders with experience in keeping chickens from the districts of Bautzen and Görlitz, who want to help the old regional breed to renaissance in the Upper Lusatian Heide and Pond Landscape Biosphere Reserve, as the Sachsenforst state enterprise in Pirna announced on Wednesday. As part of the project, they would be given six to seven-month-old specimens suitable for breeding for five euros each in autumn – black, white, cuckold or yellow. Interested parties can contact the administration of the biosphere reserve until February 20th.

According to Sachsenforst, the Sachsenhuhn was bred in the Ore Mountains around 1880 and is characterized by frugality, robustness and adaptability. "This makes it ideal for keeping in the village environment", it was said. Nevertheless, there are only a few hundred animals left. The society for the preservation of old and endangered domestic animal breeds has therefore classified the Sachsenhuhn as extremely endangered.

If a vehicle is pulled through a car wash and an accident occurs, the owner does not have to pay for the damage. A vehicle with the engine switched off that is on an automated conveyor belt in a car wash is not "in operation", ruled the Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Regional Court in Koblenz according to a message on Monday. The court thus confirmed an earlier decision by the Koblenz regional court. (Az. 12 U 57/19)

The occasion was the lawsuit of a man whose car was pulled through an automatic car wash. According to the court, a woman was also at the wheel of her car in front of the man. During the process, one of the devices on the rear wheel of her car that pulled the vehicle through the car wash came loose. The car then remained in the facility. The man behind braked his car, causing the blower drying to press on the rear of the car and damage it. The man therefore demanded that the woman take over the repair costs of around 4500 euros.

The judges decided, however, that the plaintiff was not entitled to compensation. The defendant is not responsible for the accident. After all, your car was pulled through the car wash on the conveyor belt without its own engine power. The plaintiff was also unable to prove that she was responsible for the disruption of the transport process. The decision is final. The operators of the car wash were not sued and were not part of the proceedings, said a court spokeswoman.

Saxony’s handicrafts generate higher sales with fewer companies and a relatively constant workforce. As an example, the State Statistical Office in Kamenz cited figures from 2017 on Thursday. At that time, 35,874 companies achieved total sales of 27.1 billion euros. Within a year, that was 1.6 percent fewer companies, but 5.2 percent more sales. It was said that this trend had also existed in previous years. In 2018, sales rose by 4.1 percent compared to the previous year, and according to the Saxon Crafts Day, the number of businesses fell by 140 in the same period.

A company’s sales don’t just depend on higher product prices. Factors such as the order situation, increase in productivity or utilization of the machines also play a role.