The age structure should also be right for the group experience to be successful

The age structure should also be right for the group experience to be successful

Partnerships for life rarely begin during the holidays.

If you want to plan your single trip, you should pay attention to one or the other tip. Year after year, millions of singles spend their holidays with like-minded people, but the market for offers for singles is very confusing and should be compared carefully when booking.

Faux pas that you should avoid on vacation

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Tip for planning a single trip: pay attention to the price-performance ratio

Before booking, you should compare the offers of the organizers in detail. Some travel providers add a lot to the travel price if you want to book a single room instead of a double room.

But there are also tour operators who specialize in single trips and offer trips that can be booked at no extra charge. Here, as with other trips, it is worthwhile to book early or to get a last-minute bargain shortly before departure. If you want a specific travel destination or can only travel within a set period of time, you should book early, as you often have to be a bit flexible with last-minute.

Planning a single trip: Please also note the following tip

If you are planning a single trip, you should consider taking part in a group trip. You are never alone among like-minded people, during activities or when eating. Furthermore, making contact with the opposite sex is often easier in groups than when you are sitting alone in the corner. At the same time, you get to know nice people with whom you may also form friendships after your vacation.

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Make sure that the tour operator divides the groups equally from men and women so that the ratio is balanced. The age structure should also be right for the group experience to be successful. And who knows: maybe the dream partner is already in the group.

The affair of a beating employee of the French president spreads. Three police officers are in custody, the interior minister is supposed to testify in front of parliament.

Three police officers have been taken into custody in connection with the beating of demonstrators by a security officer from the French Presidential Office. They are accused of illegally procuring video material for the accused Alexandre Benalla, the public prosecutor said. Interior Minister Gérard Collomb is due to be heard on the matter in parliament on Monday morning. The opposition had requested the hearing because they suspected a cover-up scandal.

The scandal started this week with the publication of several videos by the newspaper “Le Monde”. It shows how Benalla violently beats participants in the May 1st rally in Paris. The 26-year-old was wearing a police helmet even though he is not a police officer. Police arrested Benalla on Friday and ransacked his home on Saturday morning. The public prosecutor’s office accuses him, among other things, of using violence as a public official and posing as a police officer.

Benalla is said to have obtained video recordings

He is also said to have obtained video footage from surveillance cameras in the city from the three Paris police officers who were initially suspended and now arrested. According to the police prefecture, video surveillance images were “wrongly passed on to third parties on the evening of July 18th” – at the time when “Le Monde” discovered the incident.

Prosecutor determined: Macron employees allegedly beat up demonstrators

Interior Minister Collomb had already sharply condemned the behavior of the three police officers on Friday. On Monday he is to be questioned in a committee of the National Assembly. The hearing will be public and will be broadcast, announced the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet. Opposition MPs called for Collomb to resign if he knew about the incident early on and did nothing.

Macron had promised “morality and transparency”

The beating attack became known in the presidential office the day after the demonstration. According to the presidency, Benalla was suspended for two weeks without pay in May and transferred to the administration. However, it was initially unclear who exactly knew about the incident. Benalla is said to have been back in action since then.

President Emmanuel Macron is under enormous pressure on the matter, but has not yet spoken out. When he took office, he announced that he would restore morality and transparency to French politics.

Sources used: AFP, dpa

Egmating (AP) – 21 injured on a tour from maypole to maypole in Upper Bavaria: a tractor with two trailers full of partying people fell over in the village of Egmating.

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According to initial findings, two people suffered serious head injuries, and 19 others were slightly injured, as the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North announced. There were around two dozen people on the two trailers, which were equipped with beer sets. The 16-year-old driver of the tractor suffered a shock but was physically uninjured. He was sober.

The accident happened on the afternoon of May 1st on a steep section in Egmating. “As far as it could be determined so far, the two trailers were not braked sufficiently, caught up with the towing vehicle, wedged themselves and overturned,” said the police report. The passengers fell on the roadway. The exact circumstances are still under investigation. The injured were cared for by numerous DRK emergency services or taken to clinics by rescue helicopter.

The passengers on the trailers who wanted to drive from maypole to maypole started in Oberpframmern. Whether there was a permit for the team was initially unclear, as a spokesman said. One thing is certain: a 16-year-old should in principle already drive a tractor.

Open it up and indulge in memories: With a travel diary, you can dive back into your last vacation page by page. Browsing through homemade souvenirs is particularly fun if you design it creatively and write imaginative entries. You can find ideas and suggestions here.


Make your own travel diary, make your own cover decoration, make a travel diary, write down holiday memories, travel diary app

Create a travel diary: as individual as your own memories

Safe: If you want to keep a travel diary, you can simply buy a regular notebook in a stationery store or at the airport and put your holiday thoughts on paper in it. But it is nicer and, above all, more creative when you design your travel diary yourself.

In particular, you can decorate the cover of a standard notebook so that it quickly becomes your very own personal souvenir booklet for the trip – just as individual as the experiences you gain during the trip.

What can I put in hand luggage?

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Make cover decoration yourself: tips for handicrafts

Motifs that symbolize travel are very suitable for the cover of a travel diary. For example, it is always advisable to decorate the cover of the notebook or diary with a map – ideally, of course, with the map of the area to which the trip is to go. Another advantage of this method is that the materials you need to do it are inexpensive. You will need scissors, a glue stick and possibly some white paper. With the latter, you stick over the covers of particularly colorful notebooks before you actually attach the card motif.

You can, for example, print out the card itself – provided you have a printer available that delivers high-quality results. Otherwise, cut out a map from an old atlas that you no longer need. Then integrate your travel diary into the map section with your dream destination.

Instead of a map, you can of course also choose a photo motif of your destination: for example a well-known sight or a beautiful landscape. If you do not design the travel diary until after your return, it is best to choose souvenirs such as photos, dried plant parts that you have collected on vacation or admission tickets to embellish the area.

Make a travel diary: lettering to round it off

If your travel diary is included, you can still label it: A motivational phrase (“Let’s go!”) Fits just as well as a typical holiday wish (“Bon voyage!”). Of course, you can also simply immortalize your name and / or the destination in the travel diary. Tip: write your sentence in the language of the country you are going to. Asian characters in particular are also a pretty decorative element.

Writing down vacation memories: motivation and ideas

Writing is not always easy – a travel diary is by no means an exception. Nevertheless, try to write in your travel journal as regularly as possible. Journeys on buses, trains and trains are particularly suitable for reviewing and writing down what you have experienced. To motivate you, you can keep a sad, but unfortunately true fact in mind: People often quickly forget wonderful holiday experiences. If you don’t get your experience down on paper soon, it could be as good as lost.

In the actual entries, it is advisable to also describe your feelings and emotions that you felt in the respective situations. Mere descriptions like “The weather was sunny today” are only of limited interest when reading the memories later. Don’t be afraid to write openly – after all, it’s your personal travel diary that is only intended for you, not for others.

And if you have to go quickly: simply make notes in bullet points. Fortunately, a travel diary does not have a fixed format. This also applies to the trappings of your entries: stick memorabilia regularly in the travel diary. If you write about a concert, for example, you can add the corresponding ticket to your entry in the diary. Simple drawings are also particularly beautiful.

Travel diary app: The best versions for Android and iOS

A physical diary should be the first choice, especially when traveling: the smell alone should be a reminder of the pleasant stay abroad. And if sand trickles out of the envelope … Perhaps unsurprisingly, various software manufacturers for fans of modern electronics also have a large selection of travel diary apps on offer. Android users get their money’s worth as well as Apple fans with the iOS devices iPhone and iPad.

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In a test by the computer magazine “c’t”, three travel diary apps in particular performed well, according to “Focus / dpa”: MobilyTrip, TrackMyTour and TripColour. The first app is the only one available for both Android and iOS and is also free of charge. TrackMyTour and TripColour are only available for iPhone and iPad. With the apps, written travel impressions as well as photos and videos can be quickly processed and filed into blog posts. However, since they usually have to be online for this, it is advisable for users not to have the apps switched on or to check the settings carefully. Because under certain circumstances it can happen that the travel diary app accesses expensive mobile networks abroad.

The economic efficiency of the Erfurt airport is a thorn in the side of the auditor’s office, Sebastian Dette. Because a lot went wrong at the planning stage.

The President of the Court of Auditors, Sebastian Dette, questions Erfurt Airport. “The country cannot completely ignore the need to pay millions annually as liquidity aid – and the trend is increasing,” said Dette of the German press agency. Thuringia’s chief financial auditor demanded that economic alternatives to pure charter air traffic and thus sensible use of the airport would have to be found.

“If there is no additional use, you have to shut down the airport if necessary,” said Dette. Then he pleads for an “end with horror instead of an endless financial horror.”

40,000 euros daily grant requirement

Dette put the daily subsidy requirement of the state for Thuringia’s only international airport at around 40,000 euros. The reason is that the airport was oversized and not expanded according to needs.

Currently there are only a few weekly flights from Erfurt to holiday regions, including Bulgaria, some freight traffic and sightseeing tours for visitors. In addition, Erfurt, which experts certify a good technical infrastructure, is one of the largest German parking lots for aircraft that have to stay on the ground.

Thuringia’s Court of Auditors, Sebastian Dette: He is of the opinion that not every federal state should have its own airport.