The amount of the grant depends on the degree of the applicant

The amount of the grant depends on the degree of the applicant

Nevertheless, Synergy University’s regular hitting the top lines of ratings evaluating institutes, academies and universities in Russia and the world is not an abstract accident, but a consequence of the high level of the educational institution, its strong scientific base, the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market, cooperation of the university with foreign and domestic partners in the field of education and business, continuous implementation of innovative methods in the educational process, as well as evidence of the desire to develop in its segment and firmly hold leadership positions.

The Institute prepares economists and managers to work in the energy industry. Here economic patterns differ from classical economics. First, it is a complex of problems associated with the existence of natural monopolies in the Russian Federation and the specifics of their state regulation. Second, there is a significant contradiction in the energy industry between the interests of economists, management, and the so-called techies. Economists always and everywhere strive for the greatest profit. But it’s impossible to “squeeze out the margin” from the machinery and equipment of energy enterprises.

That is why one of the main tasks of the university in training economists and managers is to teach them how to find a scientifically grounded balance between effective resource management, ensuring enterprise profits and reliable and efficient operation of technical means. Graduates should be not only classical economists and managers, but in a sense, energy engineers well versed in the essence of energy economics.

The Institute strives to attract the best students to its studies. The university prepares specialists with a higher education in the information field: information security, applied and business informatics. In addition, there are vocational retraining centers for specialists with secondary or higher vocational education who want to expand their horizons or change their careers.

NRU "MEI" has state accreditation, a license to conduct educational activities, provides a deferment from the army and issues diplomas of the standard established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

At the National Research University "MEI" all conditions have been created for comfortable living, study and recreation of students. Increased attention is paid to security issues. The territory is guarded round the clock, video surveillance is conducted.

Modern students are purposeful people. Already at the beginning of their studies, they firmly know what they plan to do in the future, take the first steps up the career ladder and at the same time acquire knowledge hero essay example.

And yet, what interests young people in the learning process, why do they value their university and what do they strive for? Synergy University students answer these questions.

Vladimir Ivanov, Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Business

I studied at the Podolsk branch of the Synergy University. In addition to theoretical knowledge, we received many important practical skills and were able to try ourselves in different types of activities. For example, I was a hall manager, a restaurant administrator, and today I work as a brand chef in a restaurant.

All this helped me not only in writing a diploma, but also in improving my professional qualifications, understanding the structure of the hotel restaurant industry as a whole.

Olesya Vorobyova, Faculty of Economics

First of all, I want to say thank you to our teachers! Thanks to their knowledge, rather strict requirements and, of course, a creative approach to work, we receive a good education, which is highly regarded. Therefore, I am sure that our graduates will not have problems with employment.

Just like many of my classmates, I plan to continue my education at the Synergy Master’s program.

Maxim Grigoryan, Faculty of Law

Studying at the university is an important experience for me. Here I managed to combine the process of acquiring knowledge and work in the legal industry, test theory in practice and reach a new professional and educational level.

Just like many of my classmates, I plan to continue my education at the Synergy Master’s program.

Victoria Nikishina, Faculty of Management

Student life at Synergy has always been bright and active: we attended interesting events, participated in various programs and, of course, enjoyed studying with pleasure.

And even though not all graduates of our university today work in their specialty, I am sure that the knowledge gained was useful to each of us – in whatever field a person tries himself.

Sofya Imenina, Faculty of Law

Synergy has a special atmosphere – creative and interesting. Great teachers work here, who not only give lectures, but also help us in the practical professional field.

Today I work in my specialty, I am successfully moving up the career ladder and I remember with gratitude our teachers.

Konstantin Sviridov, Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Business

I think that my classmates and I were very lucky: we will remember our student years for a long time and with special warmth.

The academic years were difficult and at the same time interesting: we learned a lot of new things, learned to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice and make sure that we really want to work in the specialty we have chosen.

Certificates of receipt of grants from the President of the Russian Federation were issued on Tuesday to young scientists at the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University. R.E. Alekseeva. This is reported on the website of the university.

The winners included two candidates of sciences and two doctors from N.N. Alekseeva. It:

– Ayrat Giniyatullin with the topic “Solitons and breathers in a stratified ocean: numerical modeling, spectral and statistical analysis”

– Vladimir Makarov with the topic “Experimental and theoretical research and development of statistical models of soil surfaces of coastal zones to predict ways to improve the efficiency of the functioning of mobile robotic systems for monitoring coastal areas” (supervisor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor AA Kurkin)

– Irina Didenkulova with the topic “Long waves roll on the shores of bays of arbitrary shape”

– Ilya Vorotyntsev with the topic “Creation of new type membrane cascades for separation and deep purification of gases for micro- and nanoelectronics”.

On behalf of the scientists of N.N. R.E. Alekseeva Ilya Vorotyntsev thanked the leaders for supporting young people and appreciated the conditions under which the most modern devices appear in laboratories.

The certificates were issued by the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Valery Shantsev and the Chief Federal Inspector for the Nizhny Novgorod Region Ivan Kostanov.

“It’s nice to be present at this ceremony, you understand that our science has a future. The awarding of grants is a recognition of the merits of the entire science of the Nizhny Novgorod region. We have the right to hope that your names will become as well known as the names of Kulibin, Popov, Alekseev, ”Shantsev noted.

Rector of N.N. R.E. Alekseeva Sergei Dmitriev emphasized that the technical university creates the necessary conditions for attracting young people to scientific work, purchases modern equipment, allocates funds for research. It is not surprising that the developments of young scientists of NSTU regularly become winners at various exhibitions and competitions for grants.

These grants are calculated for several years and are allocated for research in the field of priority areas for the development of science and technology. The amount of the grant depends on the degree of the applicant. Candidates of science are entitled to 600 thousand rubles a year, and doctors are entitled to 1 million rubles. 

One of the most acute problems facing a modern high school student is the lack of confidence in their abilities and their professional future. Nowadays it is a rare student who knows which university he wants to enter and what specialty he wants to get. Unfortunately, many graduates, even after passing the exam, do not imagine what to be guided by when choosing a field of study, and how to understand which profession is closer to you.

It is not difficult to find out something in the era of the Internet and available information – there are university websites, portals about higher education, and even thematic groups on social networks, but it is this abundance that becomes a “trap” for the applicant. The student is lost in such a volume of information and cannot highlight really important knowledge. There are several ways to help a high school student make the right choice.

The best way is to visit the university directly, to get to know the staff, students and teachers.