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Furthermore, unlike what Steganos used to do, it makes its DNT activity visible. It includes a simple password manager that goes beyond Steganos in many ways, including a safety report that flags weak and duplicate passwords.

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Under Privacy, Steganos used to offer webcam protection, ad blocking, active Do Not Track, and "fuzzing" of browser details to avoid fingerprinting, similar to what TrackOFF does. These features proved troublesome in testing, with some crashes and some silent failures. Now the troubles are gone, because the features are gone. Since that time, many other features have vanished from Steganos Privacy Suite.

For example, Kaspersky Internet Security and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus include an active Do Not Track system, like what Blur offers, and Kaspersky can block banner ads. Webcam protection in Bitdefender, Kaspersky and ESET goes farther than what you used to get with Steganos. Abine Blur Premium is another suite of tools aimed at protecting your privacy. Its active Do Not Track component goes way beyond just sending the DNT header, which websites can ignore.

  • While current standard cryptographic techniques allow for information to be sent quickly, they can be broken by future computers and quantum algorithms.
  • With your sites categories good in coverage I’d like to see two more added here under your privacy tools page information.
  • Keys generated by the chip, which unlock each message, are never stored and are not communicated with the message, nor can they ever be recreated, even by the users themselves, adding extra security.
  • There is still time for our governments to play catch up and protect consumers.

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Before you purchase a set of privacy tools, check to see what you already have right in your existing security suite. You may also find that you’ve already got significant privacy protection courtesy of your security suite.

CyberScrub Privacy Suite offers privacy-protection capabilities that few competing programs are able to match. Fans of previous versions and new users will be quite satisfied with the features included in CyberScrub Privacy Suite Version 5.1. There are many different approaches to protecting your privacy. These include encrypting your email messages, hiding your actual email address, blocking ad trackers, and more. Among the tools we’ve examined, Abine Blur offers the broadest set of privacy tools. Protecting privacy in a completely different way, the free and simple Preveil email encryption system is also an Editors’ Choice for privacy.


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