The partners of the project are the JSC “Corporation” SME “and the Federal State Budgetary Institution” Rospredprinimatel

The partners of the project are the JSC “Corporation” SME “and the Federal State Budgetary Institution” Rospredprinimatel

We pay great attention to the results of these works, ”Kasimov said. 

The main directions for which research grants from the Russian Geographical Society are allocated are expeditions, research projects, publishing activities, measures to preserve natural and cultural heritage.

The second block of testing of the remote stage of the Leaders of Russia competition has been completed, the press service of the Russia – Land of Opportunities ANO reports.

It is noted that this year 98.3% of participants completed it on time, which is higher than last year’s figure – 93%.

“Almost everyone who got the opportunity to take the Russian knowledge test completed it on time. This speaks of the high motivation and interest of the contestants in a comprehensive assessment of their knowledge, and also that the most purposeful and persistent ones take part in the Leaders of Russia competition, ”said the head of the Leaders of Russia competition, general director of the ANO Russia – the Land of Opportunities. Vice-rector of RANEPA Alexey Komissarov. 

The press service noted that the results of the test of general knowledge about Russia will be announced early next week. Those participants who show high results will receive an invitation to pass the next block of testing – the test of management potential. It will become the final block of the distance selection stage, after which the intramural regional semi-finals and the final in March will take place in January-February 2019. 

The Leaders of Russia competition for managers is the flagship project of the autonomous non-profit organization Russia – the Land of Opportunities.

The XVIII Interuniversity Student Scientific and Practical Conference “Culture of Scientific and Professional Business Communication” took place in Moscow. 

The event was held at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, organized by the Russian Language Department of the RUDN Medical Institute. Over 400 students from around the world (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Lebanon, etc.) took part in it. 

“Despite the fact that the profile of the conference is linguistic, the bulk of the forum participants are students of medical and agricultural faculties, institutes and universities, who study linguistics only within the framework of the course“ Culture of speech ”. However, there is no paradox here, because the main goal of this event is to provide students with the opportunity to test their knowledge of rhetoric, stylistics, culture of speech, speech etiquette in practice, in a simulated situation of professional communication, to gain experience in public speaking within the framework of scientific discourse, as well as to form leading skills. scientific discussion “, – said the organizers of the event. 

Within the framework of the conference, seven sections worked, the topics of which were devoted to traditions and innovations in oratory, discursive strategies in professional and business communication, and topical problems of intercultural communication. 

Based on the results of the speeches, the materials of the most interesting reports will be published in the collection of student scientific works.

In the Moscow region, they began to use genetic engineering technologies in the fight against asthma in children, the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region reports.

“The Moscow Regional Consultative and Diagnostic Center for Children (MOCDCD) for the first time in the Moscow Region is now using the most modern technologies of genetically engineered biotherapy in the treatment of moderate and severe forms of bronchial asthma,” said the Minister of Health of the Moscow Region Dmitry Matveev.

According to him, genetically engineered drugs made it possible to significantly reduce the severity of the consequences of disability in childhood diseases in the field of allergology and immunology.

“Genetic engineering technologies are the last word in the development of modern medicine. Such drugs are highly effective, since they are aimed directly at the cause of the disease, and not at its consequences. In addition, the use of these drugs in the treatment of severe asthma in children allows young patients to better endure physical activity – for example, climbing stairs, not choking. The frequency of exacerbations of the disease is also significantly reduced, ”said Matveev. 

According to him, this medical aid in the Department of Allergology and Immunology of MOCDCD is provided free of charge within the compulsory medical insurance in the direction of the attending physician.

Deputy Mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov said that New Year’s lighting will decorate more than 150 buildings and bridges in Moscow, RIAMO reports. 

“The festive lighting in Moscow will be turned on tonight, December 29, it will work in this mode on all holidays,” Biryukov said.

According to him, more than 1,650 greeting posters and videos in the New Year’s corporate style will appear on billboards, city boards, bus stops essay about hero my mother and poster stands.

“New Year and Christmas videos will be broadcast on 50 digital billboards and media facades of buildings on Novy Arbat Street and the Central Telegraph building,” Biryukov added.

The final event of the Russian Geographical Society’s action “Geography for Children” took place in Vologda, the press service of the Russian Geographical Society informs. 

Representatives of the Vologda regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society and activists of the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society “Fresh Wind” visited the Vologda Center No. 1 for helping children left without parental care. They told the children about interesting facts from the life of animals, their habitats and distribution, and then the pupils of the center took part in the quiz. 

“The meeting with the guys was very successful. Children actively participated in the quiz, answered questions. We have specially prepared assignments for children of different ages – from primary grades to the middle level. If suddenly they answered incorrectly, then we helped them, shared the correct answers, explained where they made a mistake, ”said Olga Lopicheva, Chair of the Youth Council of the Vologda Regional Council of the Vologda Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

At the end of the meeting, the most active children received interesting board games “The Most Beautiful Country” and “Guess the Animal” as a gift.

“Such events are a positive experience of communication with children. Games and cognitive tasks help the children to unite. In addition, in the process, they learn a lot, which means that the action can cover not only geography, but also related sciences, such as ecology or phenology, ”Lopicheva noted. 

The event in Vologda completed a series of meetings with pupils of special educational institutions as part of the RGS campaign, which received positive feedback not only from the heads of institutions, but also from the participants themselves. Therefore, next year the campaign should expand its geography and cover even more regions of our country.

“Geography for Children” is a social action of the Russian Geographical Society for children left without parental care. Since the fall of 2018, educational and awareness-raising events have been held in different regions of Russia, organized with the participation of regional branches and youth clubs of the Russian Geographical Society.

The Russian Union of Rural Youth announces an intellectual game “Beginner Farmer”, according to the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. 

The game will be held with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. The partners of the project are the JSC “Corporation“ SME ”and the Federal State Budgetary Institution“ Rospredprinimatel ”.

“The game is being held for the seventh time with the aim of developing the participants’ skills in business planning in agriculture, collecting and analyzing information, developing management decisions and teamwork. The tasks of the game include identifying and supporting talented youth and involving them in the development and implementation of business projects for the development of rural areas, ”the message says. 

The game will be attended by teams of five people from among schoolchildren (14-18 years old), university students, students, graduate students, undergraduates of universities. For the first time, young (novice) farmers with at least 3 years of experience in subsidiary farming and entrepreneurs operating in the agricultural sector are also invited to participate. The age of young specialists is from 18 to 35 years old.

The game will take place in three stages: regional, federal extramural and federal full-time, which will end in May 2019. 

The game will have seven nominations: 

– Livestock, poultry, fish farming (aquaculture), beekeeping;

– Plant growing, horticulture, landscape design;

– Field cultivation, vegetable growing;

– Agritourism;

– Agricultural cooperation;

– Food processing;

– Free theme.

The best projects are recommended for participation in activities to support budding farmers of the State Agricultural Development Program for 2013-2020.

Gifts for the New Year were delivered to 15 orphanages near Moscow, according to the press service of Olga Zabralova, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region – Minister of Education of the Moscow Region.