When all else fails, behavior therapy comes

When all else fails, behavior therapy comes

Review: It all depends on the right tone

Even if it is not always easy in a partnership to approach the other about his flaws, criticism is important. However, a little diplomacy is required here. First you should try to show your partner with little hints that a change in his habits would be desirable. At the beginning, for example, a statement like: “” I think it would be nice if you put on a chic shirt today, you just look great in it! “” Or: “” Whenever you use this shower gel, I remember old times.””

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If these signals alone do not work, you should have an open conversation with your partner. However, you have to make sure that you don’t always ride around on the well-worn sneakers or unshaven legs, but remain objective. However, you should honestly say what bothers you or why you are disappointed. Injuries and allegations, however, are out of place. The partner will perceive this as a degradation of his person and will likely react hurt and defiant.

With the cold season, the desire for a nice, hot bath comes back. But you shouldn’t stay too long in the bathtub. And that’s not the only mistake when bathing.

As beneficial as a warm bath can be – skin experts advise you to enjoy the water for a maximum of 20 minutes. Otherwise the skin will swell too much. This weakens the natural protective barrier, dries out and can lead to tiny cracks.

It takes several hours for the skin’s pH value to regenerate. During this time, unwanted germs such as bacteria, viruses and fungi can penetrate more easily. People with dry skin often have to struggle with itching, redness and flaking of the skin after a long bath. The following rule applies: the more sensitive and drier the skin, the shorter the bath should be.

Do not bathe too hot

In addition, the water should be pleasantly warm, but not hot. High temperatures also remove moisture and fat from the skin. Water that is too warm is also stressful for the body. Especially those who suffer from circulatory problems or high blood pressure should avoid hot full baths. If you have a fever, you shouldn’t get into the tub at all.

Less foam is better

Dermatologists are also critical of too much foam and soap. Classic soaps are alkaline and weaken the protective acid mantle of the skin. The more the bath additive foams, the more intense the surfactants that act on the skin. Fragrances increase the risk of allergies and can also lead to itching.

So less is more. A few drops of pH-neutral bath additive without fragrances and preservatives are, from the point of view of experts, the best choice for the bathroom. If you add a few drops of oil, such as olive or coconut oil, you already care for your skin while you bathe and prevent dryness.

Scrubbing in the bathtub is unnecessary

It is also better to avoid vigorous scrubbing and rubbing with a washcloth or shower sponge. The water and the bath additive already cleanse the body sufficiently. Additional aids strain the skin barrier unnecessarily. You should be particularly careful in the genital area, the most sensitive area of ​​the body. If you scrub the softened skin too hard, you run the risk of small cracks and infections.

Dry your feet after bathing

After the bath, it’s better to dab the skin off than to rub it dry with a towel. When drying off, don’t forget your feet. This prevents athlete’s foot, because the fungus not only loves a warm and humid environment, but can also penetrate the softened skin more easily. Athlete’s foot usually begins in the spaces between the toes.

Applying lotion: The skin on arms and legs dries out quickly

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Arms and legs in particular can use an extra dose of care after the bath, as they have only a few sebum glands. If you have sensitive skin, you can use a baby care lotion or a cream without fragrances, colors or preservatives. Vegetable oils also cover the skin like a delicate protective layer.

The second hepatitis A outbreak in Dummerstorf (Rostock district) can be traced back to the same focus of infection that has been causing jaundice cases in the place since November. The district announced this on Thursday in Güstrow. There are a total of 34 registered cases of illness. Four primary school students from different grades were most recently affected. This virus strain appeared in France and Bavaria in 2019 and in Saxony and Brandenburg in 2020, as studies have shown.

The health authorities now offer vaccinations. For pupils, teachers and employees of schools and after-school care centers not vaccinated against hepatitis A, a 30-day entry ban has been issued for communal facilities. The first twelve infections in Dummerstorf were reported on November 11. The first sick people are now healthy again. Those affected are infectious for three weeks.

The disease manifests itself in pain in the limbs and upper abdomen as well as weakness, after a few days the skin and eyes turn yellow – hence the colloquial name jaundice. Infections with the hepatitis A virus are relatively rare in Germany. There is a preventive vaccination.

Every tenth German suffers from tinnitus. It whistles, knocks, rings, rustles. And nobody but the person concerned can hear the sound. Tinnitus takes place in the head. What triggers it is still unclear. In some people, the noises in the ears go away on their own within a few days. Others have to get used to living with tinnitus. Cognitive behavioral therapy can then help to stop listening to it all the time – it can be tantamount to healing. Researchers from Mainz offer such training online in Germany – with success.

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Every second person hears noises in their ears

There are different definitions for tinnitus. “We say it is any noise in the ear that is not caused by external sources,” explains Maria Kleinstäuber, a psychologist at the University of Mainz. Those affected most often hear a whistle, followed by a hissing noise. Every second person has ringing in their ears at some point in their life. But 10 to 20 percent have to cope with them over a longer period of time, writes the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) on its patient portal Gesundheitsinformation.de.

Too much noise is harmful to the ear

In many cases, it is not possible to determine what causes the tinnitus. “” Stress and a lot of work alone do not cause tinnitus, “says Prof. Wolfgang Delb from the Medical Faculty Mannheim at Heidelberg University. Chronic noise, on the other hand, can lead to hearing damage and consequently tinnitus. Even a very loud bang or an inner ear infection could trigger the noises in the ears, adds small dusters. Damage to the inner ear leads to insufficient electrical impulses being passed from the ear to the brain, according to small dusters. “The brain then tries to compensate.” “It activates itself, which can make the noise in the ear chronic. “” You can cut the auditory nerve. The tinnitus mostly persists, “adds Delb.

Some also suffer from hearing loss

The doctor explains that acute tinnitus used to be treated with infusions as standard. ““ But it cannot be scientifically proven with absolute certainty that this is useful, even if there is much to be said for it. ”“ In half of those affected, the tinnitus disappears on its own within the first few days – even without an infusion. If you suffer from hearing loss in addition to the noises in your ears, hearing aids can help. They should block out disturbing background noises. Following conversations becomes easier. However, IQWiG explains that it has not been proven whether a hearing aid also helps if you don’t have hearing loss.

The effectiveness of many therapies has not been proven

Noise generators are also used to treat tinnitus. They make a sound that is supposed to mask the tinnitus. But their benefits have not been scientifically proven, either, says Delb, who has researched trends in tinnitus treatment. According to IQWiG, the same applies to acupuncture and hypnosis, ear magnets, yoga, relaxation techniques, electromagnetic stimulation and oxygen therapy.

When all else fails, behavior therapy comes

That is why many sufferers have no choice but to live with tinnitus. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is particularly helpful for this. Patients learn to recognize and change negative thoughts. And they learn how their behavior can help them cope with problems. For example, if you constantly listen to the whistle, you can learn to concentrate on other noises. CBT usually lasts a few weeks. “” If it goes very well, it amounts to a cure, “says Delb. “” In the best case scenario, those affected will not care about the noise in their ears. “”

Therapy takes place in groups or online

Scientists from Linköping University in Sweden transferred this therapeutic approach to the Internet and developed online training for patients with chronic tinnitus. Together with researchers from Mainz, they have now tested this training for the first time in Germany. The study participants either attended group therapy or completed ten-week online training in which they had to independently download texts from the Internet and work through exercise sheets. At the end of each training week, they were able to communicate with their therapist via email.

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Participate in life despite tinnitus

In both groups, participants learned relaxation techniques and how to get their attention away from tinnitus. “One task is, for example, to take a close look at an orange, smell it, feel it, concentrate on tasting it,” says Kleinstäuber. “” That works fine. People are so spellbound that they no longer think about tinnitus. “” Information about the noises in the ears is intended to reduce fears and encourage those affected to actively participate in life – for example, to play sports or to go to parties. The online training had just as good effects as the group therapy. Both approaches were able to significantly reduce the tinnitus burden. The participants then found it easier to accept the tinnitus. They weren’t rid of him, but he no longer ruled their lives.

During the Corona crisis, there are more and more offers that are supposed to help protect against the virus. But not only online – consumers should also look carefully in pharmacies.

The consumer center of Hessen has warned of alleged miracle drugs in connection with Corona. “” At the moment there are increasing complaints and inquiries about such offers, “” reports the consumer advice center.

Companies would offer numerical codes on a sticker, pendulum or “” activated water in its original form “” to protect against infection. In addition, there are quite dangerous offers, such as the tip to take arsenic and Chlordiodix to protect against infection.

Critically question offers

“With such supposed miracle drugs, it is almost always a question of cashing in,” says a spokeswoman. “” We therefore advise you to examine such offers critically. “”

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The consumer advice center already criticized the fact that in pharmacies the positive effects of food supplements on the immune system were sometimes advertised. However, it is kept secret that the admission only makes sense if there is a deficiency. Food, including dietary supplements, could neither protect against viruses nor alleviate or cure Covid 19 disease.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD) warns of increasing insect mortality in Germany and calls for a change of course in agricultural policy. In parts of the country, insect populations have decreased by up to 80 percent since 1982.

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The consequences are serious, Hendricks told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany on Saturday: “” Along with the insects, the food sources for birds and bats are dwindling. “” She called for a change of course in agricultural policy to stop the decline.

Agriculture is complicit

“Today’s agriculture makes it difficult for insects to survive: large amounts of pesticides are used and there are too few flower strips and hedges,” Hendricks told the newspapers. “” Anyone who drives across the country today will hardly find any insects on the windshield afterwards. “”

The environment minister demanded that EU agricultural subsidies no longer pay farmers according to the number of hectares, “” but according to what they do for the general public, for example for species protection “”. The approval of the controversial weed killer glyphosate by the EU Commission must also be linked to “” effective requirements to protect biodiversity.

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According to a response from the Ministry of the Environment to a request from the Greens, from which the newspapers of the editorial network Germany quoted, the insect population in parts of Germany has decreased by up to 80 percent since 1982.